Wednesday, May 27, 2015

12 Days of Photoshop - Day 7

For the 7th day, we were given the project "Evil Disney Princesses" or something like that. Mash up a villain and a Disney princess or Pixar character etc. I chose Mike Wazowski and the Hulk...Although I just realized that neither are villains. Anyways, I erased Mike's arms and legs and pasted his face onto the Hulk after erasing the Hulk's hair. After pasting, I changed the hue/saturation of Mike's face to match the Hulk's. I couldn't add shadows and other dark thingies like the Hulk but it still looks good. I also drew a black line around Mike's head to match the Hulk's theme.

AOIT Art One Final Exam Pt. 3

I think the Skittles artwork was my most successful because I collaborated with others and solved problems. The balloon project was the reason behind the giant Skittles bag. Without the help of my group, Morgan, Mary Kate, Olivia, and Brenda, we never would've finished this balloon project. We all pitched in to paint the balloons and the red sheet of paper that would become the wrapper. We also solved multiple problems such as a small time frame. We worked fast and skipped much of the wrapper save the actual name Skittles and one skittle. Another problem we encountered was how do we put the skittles so that we can actually see the balloons? Mr. Sands helped us solve that problem by placing newspaper and extra scraps of stuff inside the wrapper to make it stuffed and then actually place the skittle balloons outside the bag. We also experienced some malfunctions such as a balloon popping and getting white out all over Morgan but we washed that off so it wasn't a problem. This is the final project.

If I could, I would choose to redo my acrylic painting. It was horrible. I had not known that there were two different blues and I wasn't aware so I used the violet-blue for my sky and blue for the lake which looked horrible because the colors clashed. Also I was messing around a lot so I didn't really finish the painting and it was just a bad start to art class.

AOIT Art One Final Exam Pt. 2

I Developed my Art Making Skills

Throughout this year in Art One, I learned new techniques and processes and gained skill with materials I was already familiar with. The artwork I chose was part of the 12 Days of Photoshop. "Movie Parody Poster" utilized my skills in photoshop and taught me new techniques as well. Some skills I sharpened during this project (in which I parodied a blockbuster movie with my world history teacher) were using the hue/saturation tool, lasso tools, and manipulating the layers. I learned a new tool called the clone stamp tool which copied image styles over. Using all these skills in photoshop helped me create this masterpiece.

AOIT Art One Final Exam Pt. 1

Technology Piece - 

For the technology piece of artwork, I chose the first part of the post-it note project. The first part involved picking a person to pixelate. I chose the current new principal, Dr. Diann Kearney. I pixelated her face using technology, photoshop, and this required art skills because I had to pick certain colors that would contrast and go along well with each other. In photoshop, I used the grid affect to make the image of Dr. Kearney appear pixelated. The colors I chose for Dr. Kearney were shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple. Art played a role in this technology piece when deciding which colors to choose.

Art Piece - 

For the art piece, I chose the second part of the post-it note project. The second part required a group to actually place the sticky notes in the grid order decided from the first part of the project. This part required teamwork, patience, and a steady hand to place the sticky notes. This project relied on the technology used from the first part of this post-it note project, e.g., photoshop. Without the photoshop used earlier to pixelate the image, the sticky note part would be extremely hard, practically impossible. After dividing the paper into grids to put sticky notes on, the whole group worked together to put the post-it notes on the paper and finish the image. The 2 images chosen were Paul Walker and Morgan Freeman. This is the result of the technology part, the photoshop.

We used some great teamwork to finish the project

 This is our amazing teamwork yay.

These are the finished projects.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

12 Days of Photoshop - Day 6

For the sixth day of photoshop, the project called " Movie Parody Poster" required the help of one of my previous teachers, Mr. Cooper. I used the movie called Looper starring Bruce Willis and I replaced him with Mr. Cooper instead. First I cropped out the L of Looper and cropped the O into a C for Cooper. I edited around the light shadows effects on the poster using the stamp tool and took a picture of Cooper. After pasting the image of his face on the poster, I used blur and sharpen and stamp tools to adjust his face and make it fit into Willis' previous shape. I also edited the name that originally said Bruce Willis into Roy Cooper. I adjusted the hue/saturation of Cooper's face to match that of the poster and it looks eh. I will show it to Cooper tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

12 Days of Photoshop - Day 5

The fifth day of photoshop, we were introduced to the project, "Animate It!" in which originally, you take a children's drawing and animate it. However, for this class, we just chose some random photo online to animate it. I chose an ostrich and after I cropped out the background, I chose a different scenery and pasted the ostrich back onto it. I copy and pasted the ostrich several times and Caitlin added sparkles at the end so it was flying up and across the screen. I wanted to cut the legs and move them so the ostrich's legs would actually appear to be moving but I was on a schedule so I couldn't. But it looks pretty cool so I won't complain

Monday, May 18, 2015

12 Days of Photoshop - Day 4

On the fourth day of photoshop, we were introduced to the project, "Literal Interpretations". Take 5 compound words and create 5 images that show the words literally. For example, a firefly would be a fly on fire. The 5 words I chose were

 Relatively simple, cropped out the other boxer from the picture and pasted in an image of fire and transformed it to make the picture fit.

Also simple, just copy and pasted the quarter onto his head after taking out the white background of the coin.

 Removed background from snake and rattle, then copied the rattle onto the snake and used blur tool to match the tail in the back which wasn't focused on.

Removed the background from the watch, blurred it slightly, and cropped out the back so it would appear to actually be on the dog.

Copy and pasted a picture of the cloud onto his head after removing its background.